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Discover How Tired, Out Of Shape Working Men & Dads of CHEADLE Can Get Strong & Lean, Have More Energy Than Ever & Regain Their Mid-20s Mojo.

FINALLY ditch the belly and noodle arms and build a stronger body that looks good and fills you with CONFIDENCE.

Become ‘the fit one’ at work, home and when out.  Not ‘the fat one’.

Get REAL results whilst still living life, eating out and enjoying the odd beer.

Create more TIME for you & your family without sacrificing being in shape and healthy. 

Actually ENJOY training and seeing something through - no more intimidation in packed gyms, random programmes or doing star jumps in crowded circuit classes.

Take CONTROL of your diet and your energy levels so that you feel good all day (every day) and not the grumpy dad / partner you often can be.  Your family / relationship thrives when YOU are at your best.

Apply SUSTAINABLE changes you need to stay in good shape for LIFE and pass those qualities onto your family.

I'll Show You How To:

This Trial Is Extremely LIMITED To Just 6 Guys Per Group

Commit to just 3 x 45 minute sessions per week.

ENJOY getting stuck into FOCUSSED & INTENSE weights sessions with 5 other COMMITTED guys.

Your very own personal coach to push you, support you and keep you accountable - at a FRACTION OF THE PRICE of personal training.

Expert nutritional guidance to lose fat and pack on MUSCLE - without eating endless portions of chicken and brocolli!


Apply For My 1 Week FREE TRIAL To The STRONG Training Programme: 



If you progress to the full STRONG membership and it somehow DOESN'T work for you after your first month, I will refund you every penny of your subscription.  This isn't just a 'guarantee', it's my personal PROMISE to you.


Working Father

Dedicated Husband

Lover of Bath Rugby, Aston Villa (regrettably) & 90s Music

Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

British Cycling Coach

All-Round Good Guy ;)


WHEREThe Hut, Oakway, East Didsbury, Manchester, M20 5PS

WHEN: Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings - choose a time that works for you on the next page.  Sessions begin the week commencing 15th January 2018. 

HOW LONG: Sessions last 45 minutes.


This is NOT a bootcamp.  This is NOT circuits.  If you want something that you can drop in and out of, then circuits and bootcamps are probably a better fit for you.


STRONG is about delivering a programme that is tailored to each individual member, whilst harnessing the POWER of small group training.  The result; RESULTS, PROGRESSION & ENJOYMENT.


You will have to work harder than ever but you will also have the most fun.  You will share the experience with 5 other COMMITTED guys and you will be STRONGER you than you have ever been before.




For more INFO & to sign up to the FREE trial, click the button NOW...

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