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5 Reasons You Need To Start Strength Training TODAY!

You head to the gym every week BUT you’re just not seeing any results! What’s going on?!

Bored of using the same old piece of cardio equipment each week? Tired of heading to the same HIIT class? You put in the graft. But you’re just NOT getting the results you want.

Strength Training is the answer!

Ready to get the body you’ve always wanted? Find out how Strength Training can help YOU…


Muscles are a metabolically active tissue. Your body works hard to maintain them, therefore you burn calories ALL DAY LONG - and not just when you’re at the gym.

Want to burn more fat? You need more muscle. Just 500g more muscle can ‘burn’ an extra 30-50 calories per day.

2. Turn on the ‘afterburners’

Following a (correctly programmed) strength training session, your body will be in an oxygen ‘debt’ and your metabolism will be on overdrive - in order to balance the books AND rebuild following the ’stress’ you have just inflicted.

The Result: Your metabolism is elevated. And you will be burning fat whilst sat at work - having finished your session hours earlier. How good is that?!

3. The Best Anti-Ageing Product On The Market

Many people shy away from strength training as they get older. I actively ENCOURAGE it. Strength Training reduces muscle wastage / atrophy (which affects ALL of us as we age). It also drastically improves joint stability and reduces pain for those with arthritis. It improves cardiovascular health, balance, mobility. The list goes on.

4. Stand Up Straight!

Years of driving, hunching over keyboards and playing pretty much any sport all adds up. Everyone, to some extent is affected by the usual suspects; rounded shoulders, lower back pain, ’sticky-out bum (or belly)’ and muscular imbalances. Good news, this is NOT ‘just the way your body is’. A decent strength training programme will get rid of all of these!

5 Look & Feel Good

There is no secret to ’toning up’ . It is just adding muscle mass and losing body fat. Strength training is the ONLY way to do this.

There is LITERALLY no downside to strength training.


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