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Are You Doing Too Much HIIT?

If this title grabbed your attention, then the answer is probably YES. HIIT should NOT be your only form of training. Are you wondering why you are still the same size / shape but you’ve been doing HIIT or spinning every morning for the last two years?! Would you let that lack of progress slide in any other facet of your life?! I’m guessing NOT. Truth bomb. I’ve even taken it upon myself to incorporate strength work into any HIIT sessions that I run, because I know too many of the members do far too much HIIT. Guess what? people are starting to report that they’re feeling stronger and their shoulders are healthier as a result. You’re welcome Didsbury! 😉 I’m not suggesting HIIT is a waste of time, far from it. HIIT should be used to SUPPLEMENT a wider programme that is predominantly focussed around…you’ve guessed it….STRENGTH!! The strength work also needs to be structured, progressive and specific to your training needs, but we’ll leave that for another day. Unless you are training for a specific event or sport, where the training needs are such that all you need to focus on is aerobic capacity with no emphasis on getting stronger….of which I can’t think of any….then PLEASE HEED THIS ADVICE. HOW TO KICK YOUR HIIT HABBIT 1️. Operate on a 2:1 strength to HIIT training ratio. That means if you can only make 3 sessions a week, 2 of them should be focussed on resistance training. . 2️. Even if you can make the gym every day (and I probably wouldn’t recommend it), stick to 2-3 HIIT sessions per week maximum. 3. Speak to someone competent and qualified about pulling together a programme for you, or risk being in fitness no-(wo)man’s land.

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